Thursday, February 26, 2009

All The Firemen Have Melted!

I've got some more review type things on the web.

Here's my review of Valyrie, Starring Tom Cruise, which I surprisingly actually quite liked.

And my review of The Broken, a horror movie that I'm not so keen on.

Phobia of the Day: Nomophobia, the fear of being out of mobile phone contact for any period of time. I shit ye not

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sounds Interesting

What's that you say? A job opportunity? Yes I am still currently available. The Financial Times you say? A web editor position you say? Interested? Yes I'm very interested. Please email me the job description, I'll read it over and get back to you.

Did the email ever arrive in my inbox? Did the recruiter's number come up as private? Did I write down his name or the agency he was with? Have I any means of contacting him whatsoever?

Why don't I just curl up and die already.

Favourite new website:

Rediscover all your favourite bands who never existed.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Best TV Shows Ever!!!

Since becoming unemployed I've had some time to enjoy the finer things in life*. Once such luxury has been the time I've been able to spend digging through the TV archives and tracking down so long-lost TV classics, which, unaccountably remain little known and unreleased on DVD or video. Here are five little-known gems that deserve, deserve, to be seen and revisited.

Heil Honey I’m Home!

The day to day life of everybody’s favourite fascist dictator. Adolf has a successful career, a gorgeously wife and a beautiful home; everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for those darn Goldensteins next door. Strangely, this wacky 50s style comedy opus was cancelled after only one episode. Can you believe it?

Click here to watch the first classic episode.

The Man From Atlantis

Patrick Duffy is a man who has some of the abilities of a fish. He’s got amnesia but everyone’s pretty certain that he’s the last survivor from Atlantis. He’s been recruited by the government to fight crime underwater and occasionally travel in time. Hard to believe, but this exciting underwater adventure only lasted for four TV movies and 13 episodes.

Click here to watch the theme.

Click here to see some tense dramatic pause action.

Small Wonder

Back in the 80s before fertility treatment just what were you to do if you wanted a kid but couldn't conceive? Well for the Lawsons, one son wasn’t enough, so engineer Ted decided to build a daughter too. But Vicki’s no normal girl; she runs on atomic power and has super-human strength. Will they be able to pass her off as their own child or will her strange robot behaviour attract the attention of their neighbours. Unbelievably this ran for a full 96 episodes.

Click here to see the opening theme.

Click here to see a classic, classic, clip

Holmes & Yo-Yo

It’s the same old story, maverick cop, doesn’t do things by the book, his partners always end up in hospital... What Detective Holmes needs is a tough new partner who can keep up the pace with him. What he needs is Gregory ‘Yo-Yo’ Yoyonivich. Why? Because he’s a robot! Together they make one tough, dangerous – and wacky, crime fighting team. As long as Yo-Yo doesn’t malfunction! Hard to believe, but this great series only ran for 13 episodes.

Click here to see the opening sequence which carefully sketches out the premise.

And check out this great closing gag.

Cop Rock
Having steered legendary cop show Hill Street Blues, Steven Bochco decided that the cop genre needed to be taken in a totally new direction and given a sharp new edge. That edge was musical theatre. Viewers were treated to a totally new vision of life on the street in a way that’s never been seen before or since. There are only 11 episodes of this special series; each one has to be seen to be believed.

Click here to see the cops victimise a white collar guy.

Click here to see the tense scene where a guilty verdict is handed down.

Click here to see the police captain take his squad to task.

*hello sarcasm.