Tuesday, February 21, 2006

R.I.P. Dave's I-pod the Third

I suffered a tragic loss last week when Davepod slipped from my fingers and landed upon the ground, tragically severing the hold button link, cutting off all use to the buttons. As a result the I-pod was crippled beyond repair. Another victim of A: my clumsiness B: crap, fragile, apple technology.

I would appreciate everyones patience while I come to terms with this great loss.

Long live DavepodIV

Seriously just sixth months, that's all I fucking ask.

I'll get you next time Apple Yououou

Thankyou for the nice gentleman on their store helpdesk who replaced it for me


Matt said...

What happened to the more Harry Potter ideas? Is this some sort of evil revisionism, like R.E.M. leaving "Shiny Happy People" off of "In Time"?

Wag said...

I'm glad they've gone. The R.E.M. thing is a disgrace, Shiny Happy People is nothing at all to be ashamed of.