Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fact Eight

Factosis level: HIGH

The sport of dwarf tossing originated in either the United States of Australia, the sport involves men of extremely small stature being padded up and thrown onto mattresses by comepetitors.

The sport has attracted much contraversy. The sport was popular in Florida but a ban in 1989 meant the governor could revoke the licquor license of any bar taking part in the sport.

The sport was prohibted in France in 2002, on the ground that it caused a public disturbance with considerations of human dignity. It is however up to local authorities to enforce this law. No legal action against anyone has yet taken place.

A fine of $5,000 is payable in Canada for those breaking the 2004 'Dwart tossing Ban act' however this law failed to define the size of a dwarf and as a result many contest now use more contestands of a more average height.

The winners of the Dwarf Tossing world championship held in 1986 were the English team of Danny Blue, Roy Merrin and Lenny The Giant.

The official dwarf tossing chant:

This dwarf is made for tossing,
and thats just what he'll do,
One of these days this dwarf,
is gonna toss all over you...

Delusion of the Day: Fregoli Delusion, the belief that various people you meet are in fact the same person

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