Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh Dear

I get my results back tomorrow. Having handed in 31,000 words, I'm rather hoping that some of them may produce positive results?

While I resist the urge to wet myself, I thought I'd draw your attention (if there is anybody there...hello?) to some fabulous articles what I wrote.

Writing For E-Commerce - Does exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin

Mark Le Fanu - He's an important person. General Secretary of the Society of Authors no less

And there's also Please Don't Eat Me a poetic sage of cannabalistic parents attempting to devour their children.

I shall try and adds these to my website without ruining the whole thing.

Have I mentioned Yes I think I must of, how could anyone possibly forget

Quote of the Day: "Don't pay any attention to the critics. Don't even ignore them" Samuel Goldwyn.

Or it could've been: "Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day."

Or: "Why did you name him Sam? Every Tom, Dick and Harry is named Sam!"

Bless you Goldwyn, an anecdotists dream...


Anonymous said...

it is funny and it is very big!
- you will hopefully fail and have to retake the year again!
- is a great site.

did you phone me yesterday?
my phone is half broken niko

Wag said...

Dave: is that poem based on Garner?

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Initially yes, it did appear that his parents might be fattening him up, but I imagine in that household they would probably eat each other, and I'm not talking about cannibalism.