Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm still waiting for something to happen. 50 application (estimate) sent out to no avail, sigh.*

I'm going to be very wealthy in a few weeks time, but alas, I don't know what to do with it? Suggestions have so far included, buying a house, starting a magazine and travelling the world to 'find myself'. Knowing my luck I'd probably find a xenophobe.

I also find it funny when people tell I'm a 'lucky bastard'. I didn't win it*...

Sigh. Even the retail therapy is failing to raise those spirits. I shall have to try harder.

This link is more amusing than this post

*I inherited the money after my Dad died. This subtlety seems to have escaped someone - I would've put it in the post but I didn't want to sound like a martyr or be blase** about it. Idiot.

** I don't know how to add the accent.


thesvenhunter said...

Write some poems or something. Being unemployed does suck in a way but you will miss these days when you have your idle hands devilled. Try to force yourself into action!

Your power animal for this week is Oystercatcher and your lucky colour is black.

Anonymous said...

Very wealthy soon, my arse. Spill the beans. If you are so inclined to discuss then give figures. Relative to whom, a single mother from Rotherham or a WAG. Your a bit of a WAG yourself. Weely Annoying Wanger.

This blog is complete rubbish. Those with integrity should avoid this gloating baffoon, soon-to-be rich idiot with his Oedipus complex.

Wag said...

Above comment is a bit harsh!! I resent the use of my nickname, and in relative wealth terms Mr DPN is already hugely more wealthy than me, and I am Wag.

How does WAG relate to Weely Annoying Wanger? Surely that is WAW. Indeed, if you had a grasp of English at all it would be RAW. Surely Wickedly Acute Gloater would be better, in your own words not mine.

Dave: spend the money on what you want, although a house ain't a bad idea. Maybe a change of scenery will get you motivated to achieve what you want?

Dave Paul Nixon said...

I'd say my wealth is greater than that of a Rotheram Housewife but less than that of say, Alan Sugar.

Weely Annoying Wanger, that's so clever. Anonymous is such a genius I can't believe he didn't leave his real name.

I will make preparations to move once the money has arrived.

What has integrity got to do with it? Even I've got better things to do with myself than posting insults on a strangers blogs

Anonymous said...

I´m going to be wealthy in a few weeks time! He´s not even dead man?! Never give the plot away too early, you should know that!

Seriously, sorry man. Good luck with the house thing. Wish you well.

Helcat said...

You know 'anonymous', sometimes, in the real world, a person inherits money quite a long time after the loved one has died. There's stuff called 'paper work' and such. But well done anyway. Rest assured we all still really respect you and your opinions.

Dave, do what i'd do and blow it on Pick and Mix. Or buy a house, whichever you think would benefit you most long term.

Wag said...

Bloody hell, imagine how much Pick n Mix you could get with that amount of cash!

Enough to build an edible house...take that option Dave!

Anonymous said...

So where is your blog Helcat?, being an obvious and outspoken fan of the forum.

helcat said...

Well anonymous (if you're still there), I don't actually have a blog. I'm too lazy. But I do have a boatload of dazzling put-downs, so try me any time... (I also have a massive head).