Sunday, August 19, 2007

Angry, Angry, Angry.

Two weeks! Over two weeks have passed since I sat for a day in the offices of Autotrader doing writing tests. Have they offered me the job? Have they rejected me for the job. I don’t know, because they haven’t bothered to phone me.

They tell you it’ll be a week, so you wait patiently as the deadline passes and think, well, maybe there’s a delay, and you wait a bit longer, and then suddenly over two weeks has passed and it dawns on that you probably haven’t got the job because if you had you wouldn’t have been left in the lurch like this.

Things just generally are working out. I only got my unemployment benefit last week, that’s almost 6 weeks since I applied for it and I only got that because I had to chase it up when it wasn’t paid. Apparently there was a problem, they said they’d phone me back tomorrow, they didn’t, so I phoned up and within ten minutes they said, it’ll be in your account tomorrow morning. It was eventually there by the afternoon.

I wouldn’t have needed the unemployment benefit because a friend offered my some work painting houses. But its been raining solidly all week, so no money there.

Well at least I’ve got another job interview. It’s for the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth. I’m not sure I want to live in Portsmouth, it’s not very well paid, and they’ve set me tasks to complete and there will be a second interview, which takes the mickey a little bit, but at least they’re paying for travel expenses. Which is more than Autotrader did.

And still no sign of any money.

The cracks are getting deeper……..


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't worry Dave; i've lost hope of ever getting meaningful employment in writing. I'm concentrating on being a postman...

Anonymous said...

The whole nation seem to be prepared to let this go on and on and on. Why weren't you paid expenses by Autotrader? Why do we allow such greed dishonesty and lack of care? Why would you want a job with them anyway now? Stay signing on, write a book, earn cash, eat and play healthily so you have a good and long life. Britain's two tier society of Bankers, Businessman and Doctors (Stangely!!, very quiet since the daft pay deal we (??!!) offered in return for less work) VS Musicians, writers, nurses, teachers, the infirm, the activists, the good and caring people. Let there be a revolution, pray let there be a revolution,it's not too late. Vote for Martyn Joseph that's what I say. Someone lend him a deposit to represent the people as an independent candidate.