Monday, March 17, 2008

Space Mutiny

In a galaxy far, far away, mankind is in danger and its very survival is at risk.

Fighting on through hordes of space pirates, the Southern Sun, and definitly not the Battlestar Galactica, is searching for a new home for mankind, a journey that has already taken generations.

But not everyone is willing to make the journey. Face-stretchingly evil Commander Kalgon has grown weary of the wait

He's the head of security and is using his men to take control of the ship from under the noses of its dynamic leaders, the bearded fat man and the other bloke.

Who can save them? Why only beefcake Captain Dave Ryder, that's who. He's already survived one attempt on his life and now he's going to kick some ass.

By his side, helping fight against this skinned-tightening evil, is his tempestuous, and curiously much older love interest, Jenna.

Watch as together they fight through the shipes industrial factory inspired interior.

Grip the edge of your seat as something with pirates happens. And there are these dancing mystical women and a sinister man with a limp and some frozen soldiers as well who I think all have something to do with the plot, But it's all thrilling action all the way through, culminating in a high speed go-kart race out.

Yes it's thrills all the way with Space Mutiny, a film that definitly wasn't filmed in a factory and doesn't recycle all its effects from Battlestar Galactica. And if there's one lesson you'll learn from it all and that's to not stand next to some railings in a factory, you'll only got shot and tumble over.


Matt said...

"But it's all thrilling action all the way through, culminating in a high speed go-kart race out." So it's Fun House in space?

If only Pat Sharp were playing Dave Ryder. You also can't help but feel that they've missed a trick by not having Brian Blessed play the fat man with a beard. Surely he'd be your first call?

pamela said...

That made me laugh... A LOT.