Thursday, April 24, 2008

David's Day Out

This weekend I’m spending a day away in Liverpool.

Why am I going to Liverpool?

Well, after Christmas I was treated to the usual kind of anarchy that only Virgin Trains can provide. I was caught up in the New Year rail works problems and arrived back in Stoke one and a half hours late. Naturally I was determined to be compensated.

Before I filed my complaint I received an email. I receive emails all the time, but this one was from Virgin Trains, offering their sincere apologies and offering, in compensation, a free first class return to anywhere I wanted.

I was excited. I could go anywhere, so automatically I thought Edinburgh: that was far away and I’d never been there. I didn’t rush into anything, I thought about it, decided when to go, how long to go for: just the weekend, I didn’t want to use too much of my minimal time off.

However, I had not read the small print. As I came to book the ticket, I discovered that there were conditions, that bookings were on a first come, first served basis, and I was not the only one who had that of going to Edinburgh. There were tickets to get there, but not to get back, and a massive diversion due to rail works to further reap the piss.

So I would have to go somewhere else. But where?

It was then that I discovered the second major clause, something I really ought to have realised on my own. The tickets were only valid across the Virgin Trains network, thus my options were quite, quite limited. There were no tickets available to Glasgow, and none to place next furthest place away, Holyhead.

So I’m going to stay overnight in Liverpool. A not full-expenses-paid short holiday.

Oh how I shall live it up…


Matt said...

Knowing you as well as I do, I'm guessing that your trip to Liverpool will include going to Anfield to watch a match, before getting bladdered and going to Cream on an all night bender. Once you've come back round the next day, you'll nurse your hangover by doing some gentle tracksuit shopping before getting the train home. Or not.

Does this mean that you actually managed to get something out of Virgin Trains? Are you now allowed to mention them in a negative sense, or would they not appreciate that?

Edinburgh would have been good though. You could have done the Rebus tours and everything!

Completely unrelated to the post, but thought you might find it interesting: this was the Facebook status of a friend of mine: Mohammed met Geoffrey the butler out of Fresh Prince of Bell Air At Ealing!!!

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Yes Geoffrey the Butler is from England and actually runns a theatre in the greater London are (or at least used to). He can be seen in a small role as a cafe owner in the Dr Who serial 'Rememberance of the Daleks'.

pamela said...

Ah I miss our d-list celeb exploits... I wonder how much my autograph would have been worth had Reg from the Bill topped himself. Enjoy Liverpool... and all that tracksuit shopping... it's SO you! (ps Matt, that imagined holiday made me laugh SO much!)

Matt said...

Wouldn't it be wierd if we walked into a cafe and Geoffrey the butler (does he have a real name?), Alan Davies, Bela Lugosi, MC Kung Fu and Barbara Knox were all having a chat? Not least because Bela Lugosi's dead (see what I did there?). I'm of the opinion that we would definately have to take a photo.

(Glad you enjoyed the holiday Dicksie)

Matt said...

And? How was it?

Also, I know it's been your photo for ages, but I just wondered, hav you actually seen Monster A Go-
Go!? Is it any good?

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Monster A Go-Go is unlike any film I've ever seen. It is unbelievable, totally unique it's own bizarre way.

Anonymous said...

I saw him playing Claudius in Hamlet. I did. It was me. HE didn't have the 'Geoffrey' thing in his programme CV.