Friday, May 23, 2008


I have had the immense pleasure of seeing a number of wonderful bands during the last two months. I'd like to share with you some photographs from these special evenings.

Clinic at the 220 club.

Portishead at Hammersmith Apollo.

Supported by A Hawk And A Hacksaw.

Bjork, also at Hammersmith Apollo.

Elbow at Brixton Empire (feat Richard Hawley).

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds at Hammersmith Apollo.

Jonathan Richman at Shepherds Bush Empire.

Ladytron at London Astoria

Sparks at Islington Academy

Einsturzende Neubauten at London Forum


Matt said...

Returning to Space Mutiny from a few months back (sorry, this has nothing to do with your photos), I can now say that it genuinely is as "entertaining" as it sounds. You forgot to mention that every woman wears a leotard as business uniform, a fair few men have mullet, and that a woman is killed before pointedly returning to her desk in the very next scene. Probable best line: "War: it tends to bring out the worst in people. I dunno."

But I am intrigued by the poster that you found. Firstly, it bills the film as Mutiny in Space, even though it is Space Mutiny. Secondly, despite commanding the large picture with Dave Ryder, the curiosly much older love interest woman doesn't actually get her name mentioned on it (to be fair, she's a bit of a way down the credits as well).

Matt said...

Having just seen the photo to side, I should point out that I'm referring to the poster in the post, since in the poster to the side it is actually called Space Mutiny and the woman does not have a large picture.

To actually say something about the photos, would it be surprising if Portishead actually were supported by a hawk playing a hacksaw?