Monday, June 30, 2008

Damn Yahoo To Hell!

Anyone else having problems with Yahoo at the moment?

I'am, I can't read my emails. It'll let me log-in, but it insists on me re-entering my password and but won't accept it. It's just an endless on going loop.

I have 15 emails that are unread. Granted most of them will be asking for my credit card details or detailing great offers on Viagra, but damn it those are my fraudulant and pervy emails. Amongst them there may well be upto two messages that are important-ish.

Furthermore, I've wasted money going to a net cafe to confirm that it's not working, because I was assuming, as usual, it was just the crappy work internet. I could've of course found out at home if it wasn't for the fact that my laptop is also fucked!

The light comes on and then it very rapidly goes off again. No start-up sounds, just the lights on and then quickly off. This is very, very inconvenient, I need that laptop. Fortunately I saved my essential files to my iPod the week before, so I better save them to another computer before that fucks up too.

I can't help but feel this is the tip of the iceberg. Somethings coming, a personal calamity to end all other calamities. What will go wrong next?


Matt said...

And this is addition to all the power cuts? Given your luck with iPods, that will probably be next. Then it will be your TV and stereo and you will in time become Amish.

Dave Paul Nixon said...

I was wrong. There were no important messages in my inbox.

Antonio said...

Go gmail!

Dave Paul Nixon said...

To be fair to Yahoo, they sent me an email, to a different account, which covered in considerable step-by-stepdetail how to overcome my specific problem. Of course by the time I received it the whole problem seemed to have sorted itself out, but still, they showed that they cared.