Friday, March 13, 2009

Far Out

It suddenly occurs to me that I haven't written yet about the Oberhausen Gasometer, Germany's premier Gasometer.

It's not just any Gasometer, it's one that doesn't have any gas in it. That is crucial to its success.

It's like entering into some strange sci-fi space craft, only there are lots of kids and some paintings and pictures and about the place. There's my good friend Matt shortly before being beamed up*.

There's also an elevator. An elevator that goes to up into the beyond...

Okay it just goes up to the roof, and the weird atmosphere is kind of spoilt by the fact that kids have realised that absolutely everything echoes like crazy and are jumping up and down on the metal floor just hear the noise. Here's the inside from the top.

And the view from the roof of the gasometer.

Okay, the pictures are blurred, but it's really dark in there.

In all seriousness, if due to some freak occurance you able to, go to the Oberhausen Gasometer, one of the wierdest most wonderful places I've ever been to.

*Hi Matt.


Matt said...

Hi Dave.

The Mighty Miniature said...

Dave, come on, what the hell were you doing outside of the uk? Do you actually expect anyone to fall for this shit?

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia Oberhausen is twinned with Middlesbrough - why can't 'Boro have something like this?

pamela said...

think it looks cool : )

Matt said...

Oberhausen even has a Middlesbrough Bridge.

I thought the whole of Boro was a dark empty space... ;-)