Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well it’s now 6 months since I exited the land of the employed and was thrust unfairly into the jobless wilderness. It’s a been a tough time; it’s been a morally destructive, nightmarishly crushing series of ongoing disappointments that, alas, feels unlikely to subside too, and as I have very little money left due to another series of complicated and hopeless events that I’ve been pushed into, things are becoming, well, rather more difficult.

Anyhow, here for posterity is my list of employment disappointments:*

  • John Lewis: Job put on hold

  • Unsuccessful, failed first stage

  • Arthritis Care: Unsuccessful

  • Orange: Unknown

  • Fit Pro: Unsuccessful

  • Airmiles: Offered 2nd interview

  • Datamonitor: Unknown

  • Airmiles 2nd Interivew: Unsuccessful + job put on hold

  • On Monday I’ll be taking a fun trip down to the job centre to sign-on. But not before taking one more stab at the job interviewing this Friday with a potential 3 month contract at Tesco Compare. Will I make a last minute escape from the cavern of doom that is Job Seeker’s Allowance? Only time will tell.

    This a nice personality test you can take to learn something fun about yourself.

    Or alternatively you could read this story about a man having sex with a lamppost, I’ll leave it up to you.

    *Learnt me some html, oh yeah!