Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year

A little late I know, but I had to take a short break away from writing anything borderline meaningful. It’s not much fun working in retail in the run up to Christmas, even when you’re selling sex products and bizarre treatments (nipple enhancement pump anyone?).

I went back to Stoke for Christmas; it was covered in snow so it looked all right for a change, and it was good at least for London detoxing (it’s not expensive, most people are friendly and not everyone in a hurry acts like a c**t). Had Christmas at my brothers instead of my Mum’s under the pretence that Al likes to cook and that it means she can relax. The real reason is that Mum cooks bloody everything in the microwave and doesn’t seem to understand that even though it says it has an oven function stuff cooked in a microwave tastes like crap. Who knew the menopause could do such damage to tastebuds.

After a pleasant day I then took up a spot on my Mum’s sofa and sat there for three days and watched television – film reviews to follow.

The enforced fun of New Year’s took place at the Irish Society Club in Reading, which surprisingly had no one there who was Irish, although there were quite a few people there I wouldn’t want to sit next to on a bus.*

Alas now it’s all over and I’m back to work and thoroughly hating it as normal. However there are some bright(ish) clouds on the horizon. Firstly, I’m going to spend a week visiting the offices in India (free trip!!!) and secondly, equally exciting, I’m going to hire myself an assistant in the next couple of weeks. The official title is Content Editor, although unofficially the title is Content Bitch.

You can apply here if you’re interested at all.

Phobia of the day:

Triskaidekaphobia – the fear of the number 13.

*there were some perfectly normal nice people there too of course, I don’t want to be rude to the generous people who bought me drinks.