Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the love of.... 70s and 80s horror movie trailers

Recently I've been enjoying old horror movie trailers on Youtube. Twas an age where they really worked hard to make you want to watch the film. Is it a lost art, well, maybe for the better... Click on the titles and enjoy.

The Entity

From the age of great horror soundtracks.

Legend Of Hell House

So much in this one you’ve got to wonder whether there’s anything left in the film worth watching.

The Changeling

You just don’t get voiceovers like this anymore.

Don’t Go Into The House

I love commitment to a theme.

The House Where Death Lives

Just repeat the title a lot, that’ll make it scary.

Don’t Open The Window

Err, not sure what the whole window thing has to do with this one.

Don’t Answer The Phone

Not really sure how phone’s are involved; there weren’t any mobiles, how could he phone ahead?

“He had done it before, he would do it again, he is doing it now” – it doesn’t even make sense.

Don’t Look In The Basement

Don’t Go Near The Park

A good bit of narration can compensate for a trailer that doesn’t actually have anything happening in it.

Don’t Go In The Woods

They’re really running out of things to put Don’t in front of now. And bad English aside, the narrator’s taking it far too casually.


eightiespopqueen said...

there is literally noting you can do you are bound to get attacked by a killer in some way or another....