Sunday, August 12, 2012

Copy Fail: Croydon Postal Depot

They really couldn't have made this simple message more confusing. I think the P739 form is probably the little red card you get through the door when you're not there to collect your parcel. It's usually a good idea to use language your customers would use, and not necessarily the language used within your organisation.


Anonymous said...

There is all sorts of fails associated with this notice, and with many other notices that the 'Royal Fail' (heh heh) tend to put up in their premises.

The two sentences should just roll into one, but instead they've just made two moderately stupid sentences.

I would also imagine that as we customers are likely to be the 'Callers' that the office team doesn't belong to us...

Whoever wrote that notice clearly needs help.

And finally, in your very own post title the building is usually referred to as a 'Depot'...

Hope you're well. I loved the Dark Knight Rises. Hathaway in leather certainly didn't disappoint!

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Oh... that's a fail. Depot not depo. I think I have to stop these Copy Fail posts, I'm far to vulnerable to these kinds of f-ups. Publishing at 11pm at night doesn't help matters.

Yes I am well. I can't sleep when it's this hot, but the climate of old Blightly won't keep me uncomfortable for long.