Sunday, October 28, 2012

Copy Fail: Vodafone

Read this copy and tell me what you think the answer is...

It's down isn't it? The first thing you think of is down. Even if they were trying to be contrary, trying to go somewhere unexpected, it's not unexpected. It's not clever, funny, or memorable, and you probably wouldn't even notice the 'unexpected' answer because the advertising front of a newspaper is an inconvenience that distracts you from the headlines. Once you turn the page, where do your eyes go? 


And being voted the best is quite a big deal too. What a way to crap on your own parade.


Matt said...

Is "Better" even a way, i.e. a direction? Surely it should be "up" or something? Is it just me or does it not even make sense?

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Well you can choose a better way of doing things. But that of course implies that you were doing things badly before. It's just awful; from experience I'm guessing someone in management came up with it and either insisted on it or no one had the nerve to persuade them to drop it. Sadly it has been reprinted at least once.