Monday, December 10, 2012

Comic Book Villain of the Week


Eye-Scream was a mutant who had the ability to transform in to any flavour of ice cream. On the upside, this allowed him to melt and slide under door and through bars.

Eye-Scream appeared in the one-shot comic Obnoxio the Clown Vs. The X-Men, an unusual crossover where the famous mutants teamed up with the lead character from the comedy comic, Crazy, a competitor to the more famous Mad magazine. Presumably this was designed to raise the magazine’s profile.

Eye-Scream wished to get revenge on the X-Men for ridiculing his powers. This places him within the pantheon of self-reflective characters; presumably he was intended to be ‘hilarious’.

The fact that Crazy ceased publication during the same year is perhaps indicative of this one-off comic’s success.