Sunday, January 20, 2013

Comic Book Villain of the Week

Blue Snowman

While the comic book world wasslow to represent homosexuality in its titles, they were surprisingly quick to feature transsexual characters. In a puzzling case of wordplay, Byrna Brilyant is a school teacher who swiftly turns to crime when her father dies, bequeathing her an invention that makes “blue snow” – a gun that freezes anything that touches its blue ray.
She then took the identity of Blue Snowman, an interesting choice; not only did she choose to become a man, she chose to be a jowly, chubby, middle-aged man with a bowler hat. She/he also didn’t look much like a snowman either.
Rather unambitiously, she took to freezing farms and extorting money from the farmers in exchange for unfreezing them. She was defeated by Wonder Woman. She later joined a villain’s team, Villainy Inc, but was also defeated. The character made one of those “knowing” reappearances in 2010, where he/she had added a pipe to her/his arsenal of weaponry, presumably because it was masculine. After failing to steal a diamond, she/he was eaten by a monster.
Blue Snowman was not actually the first cross-dressing comic book character; she was proceeded by more than five years by heroes Red Tornado and Madame Fatal.