Monday, April 15, 2013

Comic Book Villain of the Week

Paranex The Fighting Fetus
Some are born bad, others are bad before they’re even born. Paranex has yet to earn his birth certificate, but that hasn’t prevented him from growing into an armour-clad, gigantic killing machine with telekinetic abilities.
Despite his homicidal tendencies, and deadly powers strong enough to wreck a space station, Captain Victory is reluctant to harm Paranex because it’s not fair to kill something that has not yet been born.  
Could this be some kind of strange political allegory for the debate over abortion? Does it make any sense? Does it make any more sense when it’s revealed that Captain Victory’s concern for the unborn killer is just a ruse to lure out his ultimate enemy, the mysterious Voice?  After which it’s perfectly fine to do away with the unborn psychopath.
It’s definitely made me reassess my views on the abortion issue…