Saturday, May 25, 2013

Comic Book Villain of the Week

Armless Tiger Man

Eric Hertz was a German factory worker who was crippled after his arms were caught in a machine and had to be amputated. He developed an extreme hatred for machinery. Learning to use his arms and teeth instead of his arms, he began to wreck and sabotage machinery in a mission of vengeance. He also filed his teeth and nails into sharp fangs and claws – presumably this is where the tiger thing comes in.

He was arrested by the Nazis who decided they could use his hatred for machines to their advantage. The Armless Tiger Man was shipped over to America where he was tasked with wrecking defence machinery. Presumably his inconspicuous appearance helped in this regard. He was eventually stopped by detective superhero Angel while trying to wreck the Johnston Defence Plant and sent to prison.

At some point he died and was sent to Hades, where he later served on a hellish jury in the trial of the god Zeus. He later got into a fight with the God Pluto and understandably got his arse kicked. Even in the afterlife, he still had no arms.