Monday, June 17, 2013

Comic Book Villain of the Week

Mr Camera

Mr Camera has a large camera on his head. He commits crimes by stealing cameras and uses weapons concealed within cameras.

Mr Camera likes to film his criminal exploits, strangely not realising how this might impact him on a later date. He, however, strikes it lucky when his camera manages to capture both Batman and Robin changing into their costumes, thus revealing their secret identity. He is arrested soon after, but is able to hide the film so it can be developed later.

Knowing they have been rumbled, the dynamic duo set a plan in motion… They wait until Mr Camera is released from prison (lazy - couldn't even be arsed to escape), and then they have Dick Grayson announce that he is Robin and Bruce Wayne is Batman. It was a double-bluff; Wayne rubbishes the story and Grayson admits to making it up to impress a girl, making the very idea seem ridiculous.

For a moment it seemed like Mr Camera was going to look like a right prat. However, when he went to retrieve his film and develop it, he found he had over-exposed it anyway, rendering it useless. So a massive waste of time for all concerned. 

Scary face though: