Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Days Of Loaded

Sorted and distributed the mail. Got security pass. Forgot which floor was I going back to and had to go back to reception to find out. Researched the life story of Jimmy Savile. All the features team went to pub at dinner and did't come back. Had nothing to do. They sent me home early.

Sorted and distributed the mail. Sent down to reception repeatedly to fetch models to the office. Sent to local newsagent to buy £40 worth of porn to help compile their porn-a-likes section. Phoned companies to try and blag free equipment for a travel adventure feature. Then compiled a list of ten table top games and the websites that sold them and then contacted each one to get a photograph. Savile unused.

Sorted and distributed the mail. A nice feature writer wrote me a map of the office to show me who was who and where they were sat - this will make things much easier in future. Researched strange valentines gifts. Chased up the equipment enquiries and table games photo's - three now retrieved. May get two free backpack and might be allowed to keep one. Researched more valentines gifts - may have gone overboard. Researched the life and times of the rapper Ludacris.

Oh and I passed by the way.


thesvenhunter said...

"All my women in the house if you tasting cash
And you got some big titties with a matching ass
With your fly ass boots with em open toes
When you get on the floor, throw them bows"

Phil Ogley said...

sounds awful

Anonymous said...

That mag is complete and utter rubbish. What the hell can they teach you that's worth knowing? Money, money, money, sex and adverts for unsustainable living accessories. God help you man.