Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Oncoming Onset Of Panic

Tomorrow is results day. The culmination of a whole years work *

Now I know I've passed, but what about that elusive Distinction?

My current average is at 65%, so I'd need about 78 + to acheive it. So likely, it isn't. Although for my last assessment I got 68% for my portfolio and in theory it should be better this time around, it does seem unlikely. It will probably be frustratingly close...

However, this Monday I start my work placement at Loaded magazine. As you can no doubt tell from this blog and my general colossal sexual prowess that I'm right in the middle of the Loaded target audience and will make for an extremely valuable member of their team, although I do make a shit cup of coffee.

*this is my own special definition of the word 'work'


Anonymous said...

Adult Literacy classes are painful and you did well to get throught the year. Never mind the percentage, just to be able to read the paper is excellent. You'll have absolutley no trouble with Loaded. Well done again!

Anonymous said...

Typo, ..absolutely. Spellcheck would be good.