Monday, November 13, 2006

My Achievements

Sadly, - the website put together by myself & my fellow, now former*, students at University College Falmouth, did not win the Guardian Student Media Award - we came second.

I also failed to win, or come runner-up, in Radio 4 sketch writing competition.

But just when I thought I was a failure...

Whilst participating in the Penryn Seven Stars pub quiz, me and my fellow teammates came across a real stinker in the picture round.

We were given a selection of pictures which represented certain phrases or words, which we had to decipher. For example:

This is Tow(e) truck

Having got almost all of them right, we found ourselves struggling on the final picture.

What on earth was the answer?

Becoming desperate, I began to scrape the barrel with suggestions like Re-cow-very or Catt-ill.

But what was the answer? Oh yes dear reader, I got it...

Music (moo-sick)

You see! I am a winner after all!!!

Of course we only came joint third on the whole scheme of things, but I was the only person who got that answer, so I rule!!!

ENFORCED AMENDMENT: I have been asked to point out that my professional writing colleague, Ruth Underwood, made a significant contribution by getting all the answer correct in a test on the sign language alphabet**

I also managed this week to successfully sow a button on my jacket. It's not the same colour as the other one but another acheivement nevertheless.

*they took away my HMV discount - bastards

** Happy now Andrew


Anonymous said...

if it makes you feel better. i too didn't win the sketch competition. But i knew my skecthes were crap...i'll send them to you if you want...

Anonymous said...

i've got a student card till 2009 since they put the wrong dates on the card.