Wednesday, November 01, 2006

F**k I'm not a student anymore

Last Friday something terrible and deeply shocking happened - I stopped being a student.

It was a harrowing affair. I handed in 40,000 words to an office and suddenly it was all over. My right to sit and my arse and do fuck all - gone. my ability to get a pound off shades night club in falmouth - my ability to get a pound of the falmouth arts cinema - remains as long as they continue not to check the card properly, my 10% HMV discount - fraudulantly still active.

So I had a weeks holiday to recouperate. It's hard work not working very hard.

Here is a list of things I tried to do but failed to.

London Dungeon - half term = massive queues, the book in advance fast track queue was longer than the normal queue
Cartoon Museum - couldn't find it, then it was too late to go.
Comedy Store - sold out
Photo exhibition - not running in the evening
London Film Festival - all events on that night were shite

I also went to the public hall of records to find some trial records for a radio play I hope to write.
The file I wanted, described as being 'essential to study', was of course being used. So I went back on Monday, still in use.

This has lead me to create my theory of passport photography, photograph quality depends on usage.

My provisional drivers license, my only official ID had an awful, discoloured photograph of my with DVLA written over my mouth to make me look like I have metal teeth. I have to use this card all the time. Whether as my public records card, which I will probably only ever use once again, best bloody ID photo ever taken.

Coming soon... Adventures in a budget Shepherds Bush Hotel.


Anonymous said...

Is a Blog once a week really a blog nixon - you would never see that on BLOGLEY!

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Here's a list of other things that you will never see on blogley:

punctuation (rich coming from me but at least I try)

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of things you never get on DPN.

1. point...

...yep, that's it.

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Congratulations Phil,

That's the cleverest things I've ever seen you write. Now If only you could write something as sharp as that on your own blog...