Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fact 15

Factosis Level: High. Medical Advice: Place head in fridge.

Kenneth Pinyan, also known as Mr Hands, regularly engaged in sexual activity with full size stallions, in particular one known as Bullseye. He would often film these acts and distribute them.

He died on the July 2nd 2005, his colon was ruptured during filmed intercourse, where a stallion had anal sex with him. He died of peritonitus in hospital hours later.

The incident lead to the illegalisation of bestiality in the state of Washington, as well as filming such acts. The man who filmed the incident was later charged with tresspassing because the video was shot on a neighbours land. Despite thorough investigation, no evidence of animal abuse or cruelty was found.

Pretty sick I know, but it was a choice between this and the story of how three people died on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie, which is very unpleasant. The death of someone who died for being a sick, stupid bastard, however, is ripe for amusment.

I need something better to do with my time.


Sybil said...

You write very well.