Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guardian F***wits

As part of the 2nd place victory gained by the website I used to help run, the authors of the site were awarded a cheque for £250.

Minus the expenses from going to the awards, this money was going to be spent on a bar tab as part of a final party for the wonderful folk on my course.

However, the geniuses at the Guardian made the cheque out to Bloc-online is not actually a person. They seemed to be under the impression that this was the kind of operation that had a budget or an account to deposit said cheque into.

So, because I'm generous, great and a one day candidate for canonisation, I assumed most of the debt for the time being.

This has left me £160 out of pocket.

So imagine my delight on hearing that the cheque had been reissued, had arrived, and was ready to be cashed in.

One slight problem.

No one's actually signed it.

What a bunch of w*****s


Phil Ogley said...

David - don't worry the bill would have been as lot higher if i was there - and in banycase it's just money - it doesn't really exist.

thesvenhunter said...

yeah, tell me about it. Money is as real to me as AIDS. BOth things I hope to have one day but can't see a way into. Shut up Alex.

Wait, I mean, shut up Phil.

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Money seems to exist more when you don't have any.

Like sex

helcat said...

Money? Existing? Not getting any? These are age-old issues, and not ones that can be dealt with in the face of such appalling punctuation and clear issues surrounding the letter 'B'.

Sort it out (the issues, not the punctuation).