Friday, February 23, 2007

The Factosis Institute

Dave Paul's Place is proud to announce the launch of a charitable cause which has for too long been ignored by the mainstream conscious.

The Factosis Institute is dedicated to aiding the prevention of a potentially lethal condition. As it say's in the introduction:

"If It's Interesting, It's Dangerous.

Factosis is a serious condition. It's caused when a person learns a fact or piece of information, that is so colosally interesting, that it causes an influx of trivians to the nerve centres of the brain, causing complete cerebral shutdown. The Factosis Institute is dedicated to introducing you to such dangerous pieces of information, so that they can be learnt and studied in a controlled environment, and not learnt unexpectedly by unsuspecting members of the public."

So read carefully my friends, take your time, prepare yourself mentally, and read these important fact and only then will you be protected from learning the unexpected and ending up, like one man I spoke to, who, on learning that Sean Connery was once arrested for speeding by PC James Bond, collapsed to the floor and flailed his limbs about like an octopus on roundabout.

Be safe, be carefully informed.

The Factosis Institute