Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Not Particularly Big Quiz

In the desperate search for content, I've decided to start a quiz.

Who are these people better, or more popularly known as?

There is a sort of prize, should anyone enter. I will copy, for the person who gets the most correct answers, a DVD of their choice from my large collection (not porn), assuming of course that my copy software accepts it.

Send your entries to

And anybody suspected of googling or wikipeeding for answers will be disqualified (at least one of the answers is deliberately difficult)

1:Simon Templar
2:Archibald Leach
3:Robert Bruce Banner
4:Farrokh Bulsara
5:Peter Sutcliffe
6:Oswald Chesterfield Copplepot
7:Eric Wimp
8:Joseph Merrick
9:Tom Riddle
10:Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó
11:Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili
12:Robert Tewilliger
13:David Robert Jones
14:Paul Metcalfe
15:David McDonald
16:Shawn Corey Carter
17:Robert Dylan
18:Daniel Handler
19:Jeff Albertson
20:John Taylor

Your chances of winning will be drastically increased if nobody else enters.


Pamela said...

When will the results be announced?! I will withhold evidence of you skating until I am crowned winner! (Or at least given a consolation prize for being last!)

Dave Paul Nixon said...

I've held it open because you're still the only person to enter. The closing date is 5:00 on Friday. What's wrong with people, free DVD, hello?