Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leaving Soon

Because I don't currently have any money left, I'm having to pack up my things and leave Cornwall and move back to Stoke-on-Trent

Let me illustrate how much I'm dreading this move.

I will swapping views such as this:

For views such as this:

Ok, so I've made the pictures black and white, selected the worst pictures I could find, and admittedly some of these buildings have been pulled down since I took the pictures. BUT the point is that Stoke sucks and there's nothing to do and if I'm there for very long I shall want to kill myself.

Delusions of the Day: Cotard Delusion - where a person holds the irrational belief that they are either dead, do not exist or have lost all their internal organs.


Anonymous said...

Those views would make me feel that either I was on holiday, I'd earned very well for years in extremely dull employ or been lucky enough to inherit well. However, if Falmouth was my choice at a youngish age and I wasn't a sailor, then I'd be as good as dead. RIP

matt said...

you should've put up the photo with the chairs

Scribbleboy said...
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Scribbleboy said...
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Scribbleboy said...

Good old Stoke, will be back there sometime in August. Have moved into a new house next to Harry's bar - maybe we could meet up sometime?

Jon (from Oxfam)

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*Will make this link work if it kills me.

pamela said...

those photos of Falmouth are lovely - did you take them?

Previously anonymous said...

Yeh Pamela,

Particularly like the white metal guard rail and citroen van, simply stunning. And that sea with the sun above, well that could only be Falmouth.

Are you taking the mickey?