Thursday, August 07, 2008

Now this is Cheap

Now if Budgens is expensive, check out how cheap M&S is. I know the share price has taken a bit of kicking, but still, we're not worth much.

This is on all the store signs, so the website has to have it up.

Went to see American nutcase Daniel Johnston for an exceptionally short instore appearance over at Brick Lane. Then on my way back I happened to go through Tottenham Court Road station where people were being stopped and searched and I happened to be a man with a bag. And to top that, I had a beard. Women with handbags were fine, after all, there were only men searching so they couldn't check the women. Female terrorists were free to wire up and explode at their leisure.

It wasn't being searched that I minded, as I wasn't wired what did it matter? But it was the part where he took down my address, personal details and wanted to see proof of my ID. And now what happens to that data? Does it go onto my file, because I was searched once does that go on my permanent record? If I try to get on a plane, will it come up when they scan my passport that I was caught with a manbag and a beard and was worth searching at a London tube station once. I was suspicious then, he must still be trouble now? Am I officially more suspicious now than I was before???

Am I????

He didn't look in the plastic bag I was carrying. Not possible to hide explosives in a thin plastic bag. Good job he didn't make me it empty it out, or else everyone would've seen me with a particularly gay looking Bryan Ferry record. It's the one that lists credits for Cover Design, Photography, Clothes & Make-up, Hair and Artwork on the back, when the cover actually features him wearing a t-shirt next to a blue background