Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Budgens Finally Goes Too Far

Shelly Von Strunckel Pearl o’ Wisdom of the Week:

Trust your instincts over what seem like hard facts. They may run counter to logic at the moment but with two powerful eclipses approaching, what seems unlikely now could soon be a commonplace experience. Once everything has taken place, you’ll realise that those instincts were pointing the way.

It's like she leapt behind my eyes and saw exactly what was going to happen.


pamela said...

Two powerful eclipses coming! Shit why weren't we warned?!?!?! We're doomed.

Matt said...

We bought ice in Germany. It cost 3 Euros. For frozen water.

If you go to the college shop here at Holloway, you can buy a pack of Holloway playing cards. The sign says "Playing cards: £5.99 each" I make that £311.48 for the deck, £323.46 if you want two jokers with it.

pamela said...

I miss the college shop.. me and Andrea stole so much from that place! No wonder their prices are so high now!