Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Not much going still. Granted I did go back to Stoke for the weekend - so nothing interesting there. I did get a replacement laptop and my brother is kindly retrieving my hard drive from my old one, so that’s fine. And I shall be paying for my new laptop with my £825 tax refund - oh yeah...

I saw the newly reformed Cornershop.

And the rescheduled Ladytron gig...

And here are some more review type things…

Sunset Boulevard (1950) William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich Von Stroheim. Dir: William Wilder

Down on his luck screenwriter Holden gets caught up in the twisted web of a former silent screen goddess. Iconic film noir with Wilder’s trademark sharp dialogue, but it’s the loaded performance of real life former icon Swanson that steals the show. OTT but with the bitter pill of truth


Theatre of Blood (1973) Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry. Dir: Douglas Hickox

Shakerspearian ham actor Price takes revenge against his critics with a series of bard inspired murders.
Price is having the most fun in this entertaining spoof, but the narrative is very bitty, and the tension never seems to really build up. But the set pieces are very memorable.


Marnie (1964) Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren, Martin Gable, Diance Baker. Dir Alfred Hitchcock

Connery is smitten with Hedren, a frigid kleptomaniac who‘s robbed him, so he determines to set her straight. Lesser Hitchcock - hard to believe that Connery would keep patience with such an unlikeable lead, the audience certainly won’t and the ending doesn’t vindicate it. Mother is sympathetic for once


Bestiality Case of the Day...


Matt said...

According to my flatmate, there was another beastiality case involving a man and a dead goat (just to add a bit of necrophilia into the mix as well). Apparently, at his trial, when asked to explain himself before the judge, he said, "My Lord, have you seen the women round here?"

This may also interest you:

Anonymous said...

do you know what mecophilia is? and who the hell is cornershop? worst bandname ever - should be all murdered! how's it going...p

Dave Paul Nixon said...

Well you might have noticed that the singer is Asian, and as Asians are stereotypically associated with owning Cornershops, they decided to name the band after said association. They had that massive one hit song 'Brimful of Asha'.

No I don't know what mecophilia is, and neither does google. Is it a sexual attraction to mechano?

I'm fine, life is kinda dull, but it ticks along at not to unpleasant pace. Got a week off soon yay!