Thursday, September 13, 2012

Comic Book Villain of the Week

The Fiddler  

A classic enemy, perhaps appropriately, of The Flash, Fiddler is an expert fiddle player (and not that other thing you were thinking of). His fiddle playing abilities allow him, amongst other skills, to hypnotise others, shatter solid objects and create force-fields. His fiddles can also conceal of variety of different weaponry. At one point he also drove his own Fiddle shaped guitar.

Though his origin story has changed somewhat over time, Fiddler’s basic background is that he was imprisoned in an Indian jail for theft. There, he learnt the mystic art of Indian music from a Fakir. He later escaped and decided to wreak havoc on The Flash’s home, Keystone City (and not specifically its children).

The character seems to have fallen from favour in recent decades. He was killed off, literally consumed in hellfire, in the early 90s, when his powers were revealed to have come from a demon. He was soon revived, but another death followed in 2005 when he was executed for ‘incompetence’ by members of the Secret Six team.