Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comic Book Villain of the Week

Asbestos Man

Not actually a man made of asbestos, but a man in an asbestos suit. Orson Kasloff was a scientist who felt he wasn’t earning enough money in the science business, so he turned to a life of crime instead, as you do.
Failing in an early attempt to rob a bank, he struggled to put together a crime posse. He then decided the best way to get some street cred was to defeat superhero the Human Flame

Apparently wealthy enough to buy a castle, he challenged the Human Torch to a fight. He made himself a suit made of asbestos, a shield made of Super Asbestos and a net that could catch fire balls and throw them back at his enemy.

He was able to defeat the Human Torch once using a trapdoor to drop him in his moat. Asbestos Man was later defeated, however, when the Human Torch returned and suffocated him by using up all the oxygen in his castle.

Nothing was seen of Asbestos for many years, until 2011, when he re-appeared, claiming to have survived cancer, to fight the Great Lake Avengers. None of them wanted to take Asbestos Man into custody for fear of becoming ill.