Sunday, March 31, 2013

Buy My House

Quite some time ago (a ridiculous time ago) me and my brother inherited a house. It was a little tired, and in need of some repair. We gave this chap we thought we could trust money to do the house up.

He did do some of the work, but he spent most of the money on another project, which evidentally did not work out. So then he wasn't able to raise the money to finish the work. Thus, after a number of years the work remained unfinished. And worse still, there was a severe leak which resulted in part of the ceiling caving in and much of the interior being ruined.

So, after much indignation, me and my brother set about doing the job ourselves. It was not fun. It has been hard. It has been expensive. The full day it took my to pressure wash the front and back gardens and the driveway was particularly unpleasant. It was only just above freezing, I had mud splattered up my trousers beyond my knees and lost all feeling in my right foot.

Anyway... The house is now available for purchase, should you have a spare hundred grand or so available. It's in Abergele, North Wales, a lovely little bungalow, newly decorated. If you're interested, just let me know!



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