Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comic Book Villain of the Week

The super villain Snowflame enjoys superpowers that include superhuman strength, super speed, immunity to pain and pyrokenesis. He gained these powers by taking cocaine. Lots of cocaine. In fact, the more cocaine he took, the more powerful he got.

No, apparently he wasn’t just imagining it. In his own words: "I am Snowflame! Every cell of my being burns with white-hot ecstasy. Cocaine is my God -- and I am the human instrument of its will!" He really, really, loves cocaine.

He appeared in issue two of New Guardians, a short lived series featuring a band of mostly new heroes tasked with protecting the earth from threats that might endanger mankind’s evolutionary course.

They battled with Snowflame’s drug cartel, initially with little success as his henchman rather unsportingly shot them. Fortunately, they just happened to be impervious to bullets for some reason and mounted a successful second assault which ended with Snowflame being thrown into a comic shed which promptly blew him up .

It was turning out to be a bad week for the New Guardians, in the previous issue several of their number were infected with HIV after being bitten by a creature called the Hemo-Goblin. Because, of course, that’s how HIV works…

It was the 80s; that’s how you dealt with issues, with ignorance and stereotypes. Was Snowflame Columbian? Of course he was…