Thursday, November 10, 2005

Barrels of fire

This bonfire Night I went to Ottery St May where they have a big part and set barrels on fire and run around with them a lot. This is an ancient ceremony that has gone on for many hundreds of years which was surprising because I didn't know students had been around that long.

But I have a theory, Once an innocent Japanese man was wandering about the streets without knowing about the festival and suddenly found himself being charged at by a large hairy man wheilding a big heavy barrel. But then a fat Italian pizza maker suddenly ran out into the street and saved him. Inspired by the events the Japanese man went onto design and create the game Donkey Kong, although why he called a monkey, Donkey we shall never know


droz said...

How the bloody hell do you get pictures on these, Dave? I've downloaded that Hello program, but still no closer to finding out.

Incidentally, I've tried to set up one of these's