Saturday, November 19, 2005

Death to New Years Eve

I'm supposed to go the Leadmill in Sheffield on New Years and because it's New Years Eve it 14 quid to get in. 14 quid for the Leadmill, you can see a gig there for that much. That would be special but there's nothing special about New Years Eve, its utter bollocks

Oh lets go out and get pissed slightly more than we would on a normal Friday or Saturday because the way we divide up one complete rotation of the earth on its axis is complete and were resetting the calender back to the beginning. So yeah let's fucking party and go wild, that's worth celebrating isn't it. I literally pissing myself with excitement at the thought of January again.

I've half a mind to go on the 30th of December and forget the 31st because they both mean the same. Which is absolute nothing.

14 fucking quid. Gee I wonder if they'll play Teen Sprirt or This Charming Man by The Smiths, or maybe if we're really lucky Creep by Radiohead, maybe they'll really push the boat out because this evening will be loads different then every other stinking indie night they put on three times a week every fucking week of the year.

Except this one costs 14 quid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!