Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Death To Apple and there infernal Ipods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just broken my second I-pod. I sent the first one back cos the fucking wheel didn't work and I couldn't scroll up and down the menu's and could only listen to the songs in alphabetical order. (So sick of Adam fucking Ant). They just sent me a new one rather than repair which meant 3,500 songs - months of hard work, vanished and now after two weeks, and another 2,000 songs the thing has fucked up again. I disconnected from the computer prematurely and now all the songs are gone and my computer won't co-operate with it.

It's going back again. And Apple but send me a decent one this time, or they'll pay, yes they pay, I'll find out when they live and break all their fucking ipods. Apple bastards


Anonymous said...

Hello David.

Please remember the difference between there and their.

Otherwise nice shite going down.