Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fact Five

The original fact five had to be removed from this blog because it was so quite interesting, so jammed packed full of trivions, that it threatened to send my readers (all 3-4 of them) into a state of total factosis, a condition where the mind becomes so receptive to a piece of information that it literally overloads. I myself once fell victim to a full blown attack of factosis which, sent me rolling around the floor like a rabid horse in an earthquake.

To recover, I had to be placed in a sensory deprevation tank where I was able to learn no new factual information for at least 48 hours until my mind returned to a state of absolute calm.

Factosis is not a laughing matter. It is one of my long term ambitions to set up a foundation and a helpline for people have suffered and lost valuable pieces of information through this debilatating condition. A helpline number is now pending.

Todays phobia is Androphobia — a Fear of males


Pamela said...

I used to have a fear of men... when i was about 3 i ran ahead of my mam into a lift which contained a man who can only be described as Lurch from the Addams Family (who's job it was to press the buttons) and it went down - leaving Lurch and me alone - screaming ensued. ALOT of screaming. Strangely enough I seem to have gotten over that fear... although it seems to have been replaced with a fear of turning in a full circle... I don't know the name of this.