Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fact Six

Pies have been around since 2000 BC in Egypt and was later passed onto the Greeks and then spread to the Romans by around 100BC (already a thousand years old). The first known pie recipe came from the Romans and was for a rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie.

The Pie came to England in the 12th century and were predominantly filled with meat. The crust was known as the Coffyn and was used as a container, for a long time the pastry was not eaten.

Pies, are of course, also used for acts of comedy. Here are some people who have fell victim to random pie attacks.

Jeremy Clarkson
Prince Charles
Jean-Luc Goddard
Bill Gates
Calvin Klien
Kenny Rogers
William Shatner
Claire Short
Anne Widdicome
Andy Warhol

Today's Phobia of the day is 'Lalophobia or Laliophobia' a fear of speaking


Wag said...


What happened to Fact Five? Was it's alliterative power too much for the blogging community?