Monday, July 16, 2007


Look out! It's Eegah!!

Yes, Richard (Jaws from Bond) Kiel is Eegah, caveman extraordinaire. He's lived for centuries in a cave (Ro-man's cave in fact) without being discovered, but one day stumbles onto the road and straight into the headlights of love.

But Roxy has to go and tell her stupid father. So he goes out, on his own, with no supplies, over night, in the desert, to search for the primitive and aggressive giant.

And when he doesn't come back it's upto Roxy's boyfriend, the pug-faced, dune buggy enthusiast, Arch Hall Jr, to rescue him.

But the silly boy takes Roxy with him, and once Eegah sees woman all hell breaks loose. Will Eegah throw Roxy over his shoulder and walk off with her?

You betya.

Will Roxy and Eegah hit it off? Is her Dad still alive*? Will Arch Hall Jnr's song 'Oh Vicky' be a huge hit, paving his way to be the next Elvis. Was his Dad the director of this film?

All this and more in 'Eegah

And watch out for Snakes.