Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Ordeal In Full

The Group Test: Apparently we’ve been in a plane crash and all that’s left besides us is the skeleton of the plane. We have to rank our 15 possessions in order of importance. The reflective mirror was the most important, an idea I helpfully shot down early on in the discussion. We ran out of time and didn’t appoint a spokesperson.

Numerical Test: I’m glad they said they were more interested in accuracy than speed because for the 20 minute test I answered 9 out of 20 questions. It didn’t help that I was ticking the wrong boxes on the answer sheet and had to go back and put it right.

Proofreading Test: Gulp. I didn’t finish this in the time given. I would sell it on my accuracy, but who would I be kidding? Saw the first page of the answer sheet. I think I found more mistakes than there actually were…

Written Test: Had to speed produce some copy around what to say when calling up a car seller. 30 minute time limit to produce 250 words, points deducted for being ten words over or under. I didn’t have time to count.

Verbal Test: You’ve got a bit of text and you’re asked questions relating to this piece of text and you have to say whether it’s true, false or cannot say – based on what’s written, not what you know yourself – almost finished this one.

Personality Test: There are no right or wrong answers, but just in case you’re lying, they’ll ask you the same question over and over but from different angles.

The Interview: Oh yes, there was an hour long interview as well.

Can’t have gone too badly, they’ve asked me back this Thursday to spend a day in the office as a 2nd interview. Not that there was supposed to be a 2nd interview. Don’t they know how expensive it is to go to these things!!!


Matt said...

Sounds like fun.... Congratulations on the second interview!