Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Toll of the Unexpected.

Despite the persistant indifference shown to me as a candidate for employment, I have continued to send off the CVs and cover letters, frequently but without much hope.

Yet on Tuesday, something I never dreamt could happen, happened. Somewhere in the world the rivers must've been running red with blood because I, David Paul Nixon, was asked to a job interview.

Well, not quite. I was asked to an 'assessment day', they'd send the details through the post the next day. So I spent the next few days brushing up on my copywriting theory. But when the letter finally arrived there was no mention of anything to do with writing. This assessment day will consist of a group exercise, a personality questionnaire and will end with a numerical and verbal reasoning Test.

I'd never done one of these tests before so I took one online by the people who produce them for the company. I feel quite confidence about the verbal test, but as for the numerical test, well, if I keep practising I might be able to get my score to above 30%.

Oh and the job is for junior copywriter at Trader Media Group. I'll be primarily working on the Auto-Trader website. Cars are not exactly my area of expertise as I know only fractionally more about cars today then I did the day I was born.

So providing they don't find out that I can't add and I don't know shit about cars, I should be just fine.