Thursday, October 04, 2007

Brand New Tales Of Woe

I have on occasion over the years, suffered from a minor skin complaint. It comes, it goes, but on occasion it comes on really bad and determined to finally see it gone, I visited a Docter to have it rid of once and for all. After an initial positive run of antibiotics he changed me to a different stronger antibiotic.

Unfortunatly, I have since discovered that I'm allergic to this antibiotic. It's now called Oxytetraclcyline or something like that.

So I'm now covered in red blotchy itchy sores. In some very sensitive areas too.

It's not really been a good week. My ebaying has not been going so well either. I thought, now that I'm making some money, I'd use a courier service - that's a safe way to make sure they reach their destination in one piece. How naive I was.

So I have a little request. If you know anyone who works for DHL, please stab them to death. I've lost A LOT of money, and they aren't compensating me.

And I didn't get the internship. You spend £30 on travel and they can only send you an e-mail to turn you down.

Some of the depressing effects of this post can be countered by watching the following clip.


Phil Ogley Lives and Breathes Bristol Air said...

What are you selling Nixon? your novel? ha ha ha ha ha...