Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Week...

This is what I've been upto so far this week.

- Knocked the disinfectant clip off the toilet inadvertantly and when noticing that the toilet was draining slowly, stuck the toilet brush down it and knocked it round the bend, therefore, blocking the toilet.

- Emptied the bodies of two mice out of the mouse traps and put them to rest: I dropped them in a bag and threw them in the bin.

- Caught a cold: blew my nose a lot and found it very difficult to sleep.

- Was turned down for four jobs. I'd spent a lot of time on one of these applications only to be told they'd decided to cancelled the project altogether.

- Attempted to get 2 different DVD reviews but was pipped to the post in both cases.

- Waited uncomfortably for news of the 6 ceramic umbrella stands I posted last week to arrive. As far as I'm aware, one arrived broken.

- Made the following items available for purchase via ebay.

Click here to bid.

- Entered a short story competition.

- Beat Philip Ogley at Scrabbulous by over 100 points*

- Found my bike tire was punctured. Took it off and repaired the puncture then found out there was a second puncture. Fixed that puncture and found that my pump had no attachments which would allow me to actually inflate the tire. After much improvising I found a method to inflate, after many attempts, I accidently tore the nossel away from the tire. Will now need to replace.

And this is one of my better weeks.

Place to visit of the day: Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA, home of the 45 year old mine fire. Yes, back in 1962 a coal seem set caught on fire while rubbish was burning on a local landfill and the underground fire has been burning ever since. The ground is now unsafe (the ground once opened up and almost swallowed someone) and the once populous town is home to 9 people.

Estimates are that the file will continued for roughly another 250 years.

* A-hahaha-haha-haha-hah


Matt said...

Did you find all those bits lying round your house (including six umbrella stands? I guess it must rain a lot in Stoke....)