Saturday, November 10, 2007

And Another Thing...

Last week was strange. I actually went for things – and got them! Opportunity to interview Gore Verbinski, director of Pirates of the Caribbean? Sure I’d like to give that a go. What are the chances of me getting it? Surely the other writers for the 6 Degrees Film site will get it first.

“Would you like to do it at either 9 or 5?”

I just don’t expect these things to happen.

So I set about doing my research. I actually watch the third film, read reviews, production information, other interviews, director’s biography and I come up with 24 questions to ask.

It comes to Thursday morning (choose 5 o’clock one – what a surprise) and I’ve heard nothing. The woman who runs the website asks me if everything has been arranged. I’ve heard nothing, was I supposed to contact the PR company myself and arrange it?

The hours pass and still nothing. I try to keep myself busy and occupied, but I’m nervous…

Then at 2, finally, I get an e-mail. I open it and…

Apologies, but the event has had to be postponed to unspecified later date.

Damn and blast it!

TV channel of the Day: The Puppy Channel

While watching the O.J. Simpson trial, advertising executive Daniel FitzSimons was flipping through channels during lulls in the events and found nothing but game shows, soaps and reruns. They conceived of a relaxing place to ‘park’ your Television.

The puppy channel ran on 4 cable stations from 1998 to 2001, with nothing but puppies frolicking to ambient music. During an audience survey 41% of people preferred it to news channel CNBC and 37% of people preferred it to all the TBS network of cable channels.